We can call it Hightlights, character, or personality ... the truth is that for more than 100 reasons, Coordenada Perfecta is unique. Here are some elements that we invite you to discover ..


Any time outside of your home, is time for exploration, discovery, relaxation ... an invitation to feel and enjoy all the pleasures that we simply do not have the time or the opportunity to live at home. Sometimes it's about doing less, but doing it exquisitely.


Sunbath, "escape" by bike to a Cenote, get lost with a good book on the beach or enjoy holistic and hedonistic experience in the form of a good meal, a fresh cocktail, a yoga session and a spa treatment. Ask us, in La Coordenada we are here to make YOUR art come true.


In the heart of Coordenada Perfecta Experience is Pool Skyline - our private area - to enjoy the essence of Tulum from its incredible views over the jungle, our infinitum swimmingpool, the sundeck ... a unique space to take advantage of the sun - and the sunset - and the softness of the water over the fjungle. A unique space with privileged views. A perfect place to enjoy the magic of Tulum and specially its sunsets

A perfect place to enjoy the magic of Tulum and sspecially its sunsets.

Pool Skyline is the perfect place to relax in the sun, to enjoy quiet music, a good book, an exceptional wine, or a relaxed conversation until ate into the night, enjoying the magic of a unique sunset. Especially at sunset, the pool becomes the meeting place, where you can meet with old friends and make new ones from all over the world - a perfect occasion to start a magnificent night, full of surprises ... it's Tulum and the Magic of the Art of Living.


For being part of Coordenada Perfecta, you will have access to our virtual offices. A space to create, inspire and work on what you love. No need to give up Tulum enjoyement we have all the comforts to work in a urban space .. You just enjoy and if  you have to work, jus get inspired and we take care of everything else.


Wherever your office is … in Tulum, as if you were in NYC, Montreal, CDMX, Madrid, Berlin, Sidney ...


Pi Art Tulum is a space spread over two floors, inspired by Tulum´s simplicity combinend with urban design - reflected in its central space inspired by a New York Loft, the presence of the traditional Mexican Vocho enabled as a videoconference room and an original gastrocafebar. All this comfort is offered to you for being a guest at La Coordenada Perfecta. A space where you will give shape to your projects surrounded by a global community of creative and innovative minds.




Coordenada Perfecta symbolizes the integration in the environment of Tulum and for that reason we have worked from our very beginning in different initiatives like reforestation, use of  disposal treatment and potabilization water plants. Also the protection of the Mesoamerican coral reef. We are lucky to live in a unique place on the planet and our responsibility is to protect it. We try to integrate and be responsible with the surrounding nature. This is an essential part of our philosophy. Coordenada Perfecta is a unique point that is synonymous of sustainability through time, balanced development and conservation, value and defense of its cultural and natural richness.


In Coordenada Perfecta we invite you to relax and live ... Enjoy the deep blue sky, absorb the sun, listen the rustling of the leaves by the gentle Northern breeze and feel the ground under your feet, connecting you to this beautiful planet and reminding you that we are part of it and we must take care of it.


Tulum is so incredibly beautiful that it would be a shame to lose its scenic side and lose the opportunity to connect with nature; that is why we have explored every corner and we keep finding new ones- Please consulta with us, because "Tulum and its surroundings always have a hidden surprise for you". We can help you organize guided walks through Sian Kaan, dive in a Cenote or simply point in the right direction. We can even help you maximize the views from your deckchair ... The important thing is that you always remember that "The Art of Living with Art begins by protecting what surrounds us”.



It does not matter if you are an explorer of emotions in search of extraordinary adventures or if you prefer to enjoy a more luxurious or exclusive experience, our network of contacts allows us to turn dreams come true.


Whether in the organization of a private tour, a fashion shooting or the creation of any unforgettable experience in the heart of the Caribbean, we work with passion with our clients to satisfy their unique desires. Our company is driven by young and dynamic people who demonstrate integrity and commitment, and who prioritize our clients golas as their own and offer their maximum efforts on that. In Coordenada Perfecta we intend to contribute in an invisible way to unique moments that make your stay with us unforgettable.



Twenty and ten years ago, respectively we met Tulum. A magical place, unexplored, wild, mystical, unusual ... a unique place on earth where you can escape and create something unique. A dream that came true in 2015, creating a simple concept - creating the place where we would like to live, where the essential thing would be to know how to live with art, in harmony with oneself and the nature of a unique place.


Our choice of the word ART was really easy because beyond the existence of artists within us, when we started to develop the project that was art in harmony for those who know how to appreciate LIVING.


It was obvious that we needed to decorate in a very simple way because the natural environment and tranquility is the essence of Tulum. That is why we bet on the Chukun, we did not want to paint the place with different colors, because the colors of nature can never be improved .... We bet for having the natural color sorrounding us. The color of our environment, the bright blue sky, the green jungle that surrounds us, the shocking pink of the buganvillas, the red of the flamboyant flower, .... In the interior, peaceful and calm neutral tones, which give saliente and harmonize with nature.


We do not want to call the place a "hotel" because we are a little different, we want this to be your home in Tulum, we want you to feel that you belong here and be the foundation of many happy homes around the world.


Avda. Kukulkan, s/n

07810 Tulum, Quintana Roo MEXICO


+52 (984) 210 8983