Art is, by definition, the reconstruction of the world from the perspective of the artist. And we are all artists because we all want to reinvent ourselves, rediscover our world, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

Art is in the way we look at things ... In the choices we make each day, the color we wear, the kind of relationship we establish, is in  what we pay attention to, how we laugh, what we eat, how we wrap a gift or where we travel to; Art is in our belifs, in what we want, in what we admire and in everything we do and seek. It is in the search for new experiences that moves us.


And it is this total of experiences what makes life worth living, because experiences, when they are of enjoyment, have life on its own.

For this reason, art is living, it is an insatiable search for new experiences in the form of a place, a meal, a book, a painting ... Only each of us rediscovers and reinterprets our world every day.  We see what others do not see, we have a different view, and we love sharing those experiences and that sharing is what makes us unique and makes our experiences unique. In a world where everything seems to be the same, but you and I know that it is different. We are art, we are experiences, we are enjoyment and we live to transform each experience and enjoy it the máximum possible.


Coordenada Perfecta aims to be the reinterpretation of this attitude, "The art of living with art"; a place where others like you and me, who seek to live in all its forms and the maximum enjoyment of each experience are united. Because we are all artists of our lives, because the art of living with art is everywhere and we invite you to discover it together.


At Coordenada Perfecta we pretend to be the best host in your experience of living with art.


Avda. Kukulkan, s/n

07810 Tulum, Quintana Roo MEXICO

+52 (984) 210 8983